Jessica Metaverse

Project Jessica NFT was generated by MetaGan algorithm of Generative Adversarial Networks。

our scientists input 5000 sets of data into the MetaGan database,the 5000 sets of data contain various variable information which are components of parallel universes,these data produced by basic functions,they are related to the figure of every single Jessica in different parallel universes,due to the different traits of different Jessica’s appearance,we can easily recognize and imagine that the possibilities of different parallel universes。

Jessica Culture

Jessica is a Fashion NFT Brand

Vision:Become the most valuable NFT Project

Mission:Value creation,Value Participation

Jessica Development Strategy


Jessica NFT focused on enhance our IP value,we are not only an NFT project,also a significant intellectual property industrial layout。


Jessica NFT will establish a foundation to manage and produce physical derivatives and promote the further development of Jessica NFT IP in the process。

Industrial entity

Jessica NFT will cooperate more with entity industry,entertainment industry, as well as Celebrities and KOLs to promote our brand awareness and enhance positive influence。


Metaverse is an important direction for Jessica NFT,holding the NFT will be the identity in Metaverae in the future。

NFT Holder Rights


Each Jessica NFT has full commercial image rights。


Each Jessica NFT will be an digital avatar in Metaverse in the future。

Jessica Club

Each Jessica NFT holder will be a member of Jessica NFT club,shares more rights and bonus。

Derivatives production

Derivative production rights。

NFT Story World

Holders of each Jessica NFT can name their own Jessica NFT and build their own story in the forum group. And the successor can build on the last Jessica's story. If your Jessica has a strong story, it will make your NFT even more valuable.


We will send airdrops to our Jessica NFT holders regularly,including joint project airdrops, peripheral physical airdrops, and NFT product airdrops。

NFT Exhibition

Jessica X NFT Avatar Lab